🤖 AI Art Generator

Pixelz AI enables anyone to create unique artwork using words, captions, phrases, images & presets. AI paints or draws a masterpiece that you can download, share or even mint as your very own NFT! Paint like Salvador Dali or Banksy? Why not! Try it out for free!

🪙 Mint creations as NFTs

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5 Free Credits on sign up

5 Free Credits daily
Image creation = 1 credit
Video creation = 3 credits (beta)

👋 What is Pixelz AI?

We created pixelz.ai as an awesome way for you to experience the wonders of artificial intelligence generated art in a simple, yet wonderful and magical way. For the more advanced & crypto orientated users we added in the ability to mint your creations as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) so they may be transferred or sold on to third parties. It is possible to create truly incredible masterpieces with pixelz.ai - when you signup we apply 5 free credits to your account to try out the app, each image costs 1 credit and we apply 5 free credits to every account, everyday!

🤖 What is AI art?

AI art generation is the process of using machines to draw and paint based on a set of inputs provided by the user. By pitting multiple neural networks against each other and training against large data sets, it is quite remarkable what the machine learning algorithms can achieve! Create artwork in the style of your favourite artist, throw in a bladerunner preset and a start image, then click go 🤯

🪄 Web3

Web3 is the next part of the internet journey, it is the introduction of new standards, technologies and methods of communicating that will enhance our interaction with the internet and one another over the coming years. Bringing easier access to crypto currencies, respecting privacy, making transactional data available on the blockchain and so much more.

💰 Crypto Wallets

When you join pixelz.ai an ethereum wallet is created and attached to your email, this service is provided by magic.link, whenever you login to a dApp using magic.link your wallet is there with you. For minting NFTs you may also connect a MetaMask wallet to pixelz.ai

🖼 NFTs???

Non-Fungible Token - A unique, digital token that proves ownership of the data contained in the token, for example you could take an image created on pixelz and mint it as an NFT. You then own the image, it is removed from our servers and you are able to sell or transfer ownership of that token. If you choose to mint your creation as an NFT the original imagery will available for you to preview in your private collection but will be removed from public channels. Gas prices are calculated at the time of minting and are subject to change, we have simplified the process by enabling pixelz.ai credits to pay for the transactional gas fee.

🔐 Privacy

We do not use passwords, we do not collect data, nor do we pass any analytical data on to any third parties. When you sign up, we create an Ethereum wallet using magic.link, if you already have one, it will come with you automatically. You are assigned an a unique username on pixelz.ai that you may change from your settings area at any time. You may make your profile private from the settings area at any time. If you wish to have control over image creation prompts but still display images publicly, enable public profile in your settings and then hide individual prompts during image creation. If you choose to have a public profile, your images may be featured on our website or social media channels at any point.

🤯 How is it done?

Developers and mathematicians around the world have come together in an open source community to create the base algorithmic libraries that are used by pixelz.ai. We have taken the incredible foundation built by VQGAN+CLIP and PYTTI to make it possible for the masses to use these algorithms to generate the coolest imagery, videos and NFTs!
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