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Create incredible avatars, unique images from text, paint or modify your existing images using AI!
15 credits on sign up + topped up daily to 10!

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prompt:An astronaut riding a horse in space
Create incredible art using the latest addition to the Pixelz AI algorithms. Stable Diffusion is a latent text-to-image diffusion model capable of generating photo-realistic images given any text input. Evolve any stability output or use the Pixelz Upscaler!
What is Pixelz AI?
We created pixelz.ai as an awesome way for you to experience the wonders of artificial intelligence generated art in a simple, yet wonderful and magical way. It is possible to create truly incredible masterpieces with pixelz.ai - when you signup we apply 10 mins of Resource Time to your account to try out the app, we top-up to 10 mins of Resource Time on every account, everyday!
AI Avatars
Upload 7 to 10 selfies and we use insane AI to generate over 100+ unique avatars in a variety of styles! Seriously, it's awesome!
As with any AI generated content, the results are not always perfect, but we are constantly improving our algorithms to generate the very best results possible.
Providing feedback is the best way for us to learn and therefore improve our algorithms. Do not hesitate to reach out via email or in Discord.
AI avatar generation should only be used by consenting adults (18+), introducing images of children to our systems is against our terms of service and can have unintended and unpredictable results. Any account found to be in breach of this will be removed.
What is AI art?
AI art generation is the process of using machines to draw and paint based on a set of inputs provided by the user. By pitting multiple neural networks against each other and training against large data sets, it is quite remarkable what the machine learning algorithms can achieve! Create artwork in the style of your favourite artist, throw in a bladerunner preset and a start image, then click go 🤯
We do not use passwords, we do not collect data, nor do we pass any analytical data on to any third parties. You are assigned a unique username on pixelz.ai that you may change from your profile at any time. You may make your profile private from the settings area at any time. If you wish to have control over image creation prompts but still display images publicly, enable public profile in your settings and then hide individual prompts during image creation. If you choose to have a public profile, your images may be featured on our website or social media channels at any point.
How is it done?
Developers and mathematicians around the world have come together in an open source community to create the base algorithmic libraries that are used by pixelz.ai. We have taken the incredible foundation built by VQGAN+CLIP and PYTTI to make it possible for the masses to use these algorithms to generate artistic styled imagery and videos!

We have written a custom implementation of the popular DALL · E hyper-realistic algorithm called PXL · E to enable users to create realistic imagery from text. We would like to thank the following amazing people for making this possible - Boris Dayma, Suraj Patil, Pedro Cuenca, Khalid Saifullah, Tanishq Abraham, Phúc Lê Khắc, Luke Melas, Ritobrata Ghosh. Their awesome work can be found on the DALL · E mini repo.

Stable Diffusion is available on Pixelz AI thanks to the amazing work by Stability AI.

As we develop and improve Pixelz AI we are adding in proprietary algorithms, models, training data and more almost daily.
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Pixelz AI is upgraded daily to make it as awesome as possible, if you have feedback or wish to contact us, say hey 👋
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