PXL路E or DALL路E - what are they?

DALL路E is a machine learning model developed by OpenAI to enable the generation of images from natural language descriptions. It uses a 12 billion parameter version of GPT-3 modified for the purpose of creating images.

We have taken the phenomenal work by OpenAI and built on top of it to create PXL路E a hyper realistic AI art generator that uses simple text descriptions to generate incredible images. Although it is similar to DALL路E, it has been specifically configured to work with the Pixelz AI setup and produce awesome imagery for our users.

Pixelz AI makes it possible to create imagery using the DALL路E models and then evolve them using CLIP Guided Diffusion. This yields incredible results for those looking to create truly unique and spectacular artwork

DALL路E Rubik's Cube created on PXL路E
Click a word or phrase to see PXL路E in action
An oil painting ofA photo of
a persian cata giraffean aliena carrot
wearing sunglassesplaying chesson a boat
in spaceat the beachin the jungle
PXL-E Generated Image
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