💰 Purchase Resource Hours
You can use your Resource Time for the following:
  • Create with Stable Diffusion
  • Create with PXL·E
  • Create with CLIP Guided Diffusion
  • Evolve with Artistic Mode
  • Upscale / Download HD any type of image
  • Face Enhance
Your Resource Time balance will be topped up to 10 minutes (300 secs), every day, your balance must drop below 10 minutes to qualify for the daily drop (2am BST)!
Usage is calculated in seconds, hours are used for display purposes only
1 Resource Hour
3,600 seconds of usage
5 Resource Hours
18,000 seconds of usage
15 Resource Hours
54,000 seconds of usage
Resource Time Pricing
Every process on Pixelz AI costs resource time whether it be creating an image, upscaling it or using face enhancement. To make our pricing as fair and as transparent as possible we switched from a credits model to a resource time model.
Resource time is counted as seconds, for example a single stable diffusion image generation would cost 10 seconds of resource time.
ProcessSteps / QualityCost in Seconds
Stable Diffusion 0 - 7510
Stable Diffusion 75 - 12515
Stable Diffusion 125 - 20020
Guided Diffusion 0 - 120180
Guided Diffusion 120 - 200210
Guided Diffusion 200 - 250240
Guided Diffusion 250 - 333300
GFGPAN Face Correction -5
Upscale 2x (1024x1024) -30
Upscale 3x (1536*1536) -35
Upscale 4x (2048*2048) -40
Upscale 5x (2560*2560) -45
Upscale 10x (5120*5120) -90
Stripe Payments
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